We Specialize In…

We offer a service like none other. Remember that while others simply sell readymade bicycles and products, we actually retro-fit and custom make our vehicles to exactly fit you and no one else. Here’s a brief look at all our specialities that make us unique!

Comprehensive Fitting Analysis

A properly fitted bike is an extension of you as a rider. A proper bike fitting therefore aims to make this a reality, and often requires consideration of biomechanical efficiency, good power development, comfort, and aerodynamics. In fitting you we have the experience and diverse skill set to control for all of these variables to find the trade-off point which maximizes their benefit to you.

Why We Can Help You

It is our experience, our industry-leading protocols and the use of cutting edge technology that has endeared us with all kinds of riders. Our unique blend of experience and research training with the rigors of racing and training, together with our regular research in the field, allow us to bring a level of expertise and professionalism to our fittings that is difficult to find in the cycling and triathlon industries.  And we are now one of the charter members of the MBFA, the industry’s leading authority on bike fit.

Specialty Tools

In order to properly fit you, it is necessary to use numerous fitting tools. We, of course, have the typical tools including goniometers, tape measures and plum lines.

On top of that we possess a large collection of specialized fitting tools and accessories that include seatposts (varying degress of layback), aero bars and handlebars of different configurations and widths, proprietary software, lasers to help track joint movements, serotta size cycles, handlebar position adjusting sizing stem and much more.

We find that no two clients are ever the same. Their needs can vary and when fitting you need all kinds of tools to accommodate such differing goals. Be it analysing the pedal stroke, fitting a second bike or modifying existing equipment, having the right tools always helps.

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