Protect Against Loss or Theft

Just got a brand new bicycle made? Then you know just how long and ardous this journey can get. Right from the conceptualization stage to completion. Things can become difficult along the way. You have something in mind but your designer is not tat keen on implementing it. You two reach a passe and then decide on the best course of action.

Next, you spend months to and fro gradually building up the bicycle the way you want and the way it will be most comfortable. Finally, the build comes to an end and you complete you final payment. Your brand new custom made bicycle is ready to be enjoyed by you and envied by the world.

But wait! Your bicycle got stolen…

Now what? All that time and effort you spent, the money, which went into its design and manufacture – LOST!

Only if you invested in some sort of insurance cover for your custom bicycle. Yes, you can take out an insurance on your custom bicycle and you should too. This is different from your normal vehicle insurance such as motor trade insurance and so on. There is actually no particular insurance cover that applies exclusively to custom bikes but companies can tailor motorcycle insurance covers for the same. You just have to get your bicycle registered!

The good news however is that cost of such policies tend to be low because the total cost of a bicycle is always less than that of a motorcycle. However, taking such a cover protects against the financial anguish in the event of theft or loss. Not that you can mentally recover quickly but at least knowing your money is not lost lets you quickly redesign another custom-make. We would love to help you get another bike made and with the modifications this time around that you so wanted previously! Just remember to take a cover out on your new acquisition.

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