Custom bicycles are an amazing blend of art, science, and craftsmanship that combine to make for a ride unmatched by any stock bike. Beyond simply fitting better, custom bicycles ride better than stock bikes since not only is their geometry designed for you, but the actual tubes in the frame are selected to match your weight, height, and riding style, and in the case of custom carbon fiber bikes, the fiber orientation and layering can be altered to even better fine tune the ride.  There is simply no better way to translate your perfect PK fit into a perfect ride than with a custom bike.  To learn more about each of our lines of bikes, simply click on their pictures above and to the right.

We provide no-compromise, hassle-free solutions to designing, ordering, and building perfect custom bicycles. We work with only the best frame builders, Serotta Competition Bicycles, Guru Bikes, and Titus Titanium who bring to life road, triathlon, and mountain bicycles that exactly match the fit and frame design we provide to them.

Perfect For You

Parts selection and specification are as detailed as the fit and frame draft of a custom bicycle. We work one on one with you from beginning to end, helping you to select the exact components that meet your needs. Once a frame has been built and parts ordered, we meticulously assemble our bikes in-house to maintain the strictest quality and precision in the final product.

Unmatched Precision

In designing a custom frame, our consultants work side by side with our frame builders to design each frame based upon the information provided during a fitting analysis. These close and unique relationships give us the ability to bring a greater degree of precision to your custom build than most people can imagine.

Custom for Any Occasion

Regardless of your bike needs, PK has the ability to create a perfect custom bicycle for you.  Our three frame builders are each unmatched in their ability to craft custom bikes from a variety of frame materials and each within their specific domains of road, triathlon, and mountain.  To learn more, visit our pages dedicated to each of our three frame builders.