Before modifying or performing a fitting, we believe in completing a comprehensive analysis first. This is a procedure that has emerged from years of experience and testing alongside research. It is the thorough nature of our practice that gives the results, we are best known for in the market.

Now, to begin with, we conduct extensive interviews. The entire objective of such an interview is to simply find out what the problem areas are in the current set-up and what really works well for the client. Besides, we also look at the injuries you may have sustained and what complications they pose to your future cycling possibilities. Body flexibility, core strength and stable posture are all evaluated to determine various settings. Besides, proper biomechanical examinations are conducted to ensure a perfect bike set-up. So if you have tight external hip rotators, shorter legs or even excessive pronation – such stringent assessments can help design your bike exclusively for your comfort.

Once the interview and evaluation process is complete, we determine the perfect position for all accessories and components of your bike. We take into account the current biomechanics as well as focus on areas of improvement and efficiency. The final positioning is highly empirical and dynamic thus it is an ongoing process that takes time. Testing is a major factor in our comprehensive analysis.

The setup you use currently is what we use as our baseline and this lets us understand which side of the progress bar we are headed. We implement all positional coordinates and even provide the right kind of comments. In the end all adjustments to the bike are complete in a single shot. This makes our end goal easier to achieve and you get the optimal fit you so desire.